Oil & Gas Business Phase Model

Value and Cost

Oil & Gas Business Phases

Praevis Technology is aligned with the core phases of the oil & gas industry.  We are experienced in each phase to assist your organization with the projects required to move forward and be successful.  With the goal of reducing costs and adding value, we strive to understand your environment and implement the proper processes, procedures, systems and data at the correct time.

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Strategic Planning
  • A basic, but critical, phase is to complete some fundamental review and questions regarding the focus and goals of the organization. To determine, from a technical perspective, what systems/applications will be necessary to operate initially as well as when property is acquired.
  • Determine needs with regards to infrastructure, communications and system requirements to ensure your environment is capable to support.
  • Design and develop your technical roadmap for implementation over the next phases.
  • In reviewing property data, there are various data sources and typically millions+ records of information.  Reviewing this information efficiently and effectively can prove difficult.  Praevis can provide relational boundaries around your public or proprietary information in order to make better decisions.
  • Leveraging consolidated data allows more efficient analysis within your favorite applications or further visualization through Tibco Spotfire or Tableau.
    • Aries
    • Harmony
    • OFM
    • MS Excel/Access

The acquisition phase is crucial in order to proceed with a smooth transition.  Depending on the agreement, sellers will offer technical information, structured or unstructured, in many different formats.  We are intimately experienced in this phase and can provide project management around your acquisition to remain focused and getting as much of the seller content into your organization.

  • We will provide a complete systems review of the seller’s enterprise.  This includes all third-party and custom applications and their associated data.
  • Design and develop migration plans of systems as well as an enterprise comparison between buyer and seller.
  • Create Extract, Transformation and Load (ETL) procedures to reliably import seller data into your systems.
  • Ensure unstructured content is accounted for and transferred to the proper destination in your infrastructure.

In order to operate your business and maintain your organizational growth goals, your technical and systems enterprise must be designed to match.  Praevis is well positioned to ensure:

  • System selection and requirements to satisfy your goals and needs for various business units.
    • Request for Proposals or Information (RFP/RFI).
  • Integration of any disparate systems and/or data to create reliable reporting and analytics.
  • Extension of your ‘Off the Shelf’ systems or group up custom applications to provide further efficiency.
    • SCADA data integration for real time monitoring of critical systems.
    • Financial vs AFE vs Production budget & variance reporting.
    • Production reporting (State and Federal obligations).

As with acquisitions, divestitures can be difficult in terms of satisfying the purchase agreement in regards to data and content to be provided to the buyer.

  • Collection of historical production and associated metrics.
  • Financial and land information.
  • Unstructured (network share) and physical content culling and delivery.
  • Review of equipment (PC/Server, Printer, SCADA) for transition.