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Silver Bullet – the ultimate solution for your environment?

There are many applications and software suites that promise to solve ALL of your business needs.  Through our own experiences as well as in other organizations has clearly demonstrated, this just is not the case.  Rarely does an application fit across varying organizations even within the same vertical or industry.  This software Utopia simply does not exist.

Why?  It’s simple, each organization has their way of conducting business; their ‘secret sauce’!

Application Development Services

We pride ourselves on innovation and our ability to provide successfully executed developed solutions.  Our application development services are far reaching in that we deliver enterprise integration or extension, web or cloud based, custom and mobile applications.  We leverage our industry and technical experience as well as work within the standards and best practices to develop on multiple platforms.


  • Enterprise
    • To build within an existing architecture and work with systems in place.
  • Web/Cloud
    • Leverage light-weight delivery methods to help with deployment & management and usability.
  • Custom
    • Ground up development services that are based on your requirements; a complete A to Z process in delivering a solution to which possess total control.
  • Mobile
    • Either extending existing applications to your business devices or developing new ground up solutions to gain further efficiency.

Data Services

Our SQL Data Services provide further insight and the ability to make accurate decisions based on YOUR data.  We leverage the tools and functionality based in your Microsoft SQL Server environment to deliver the right information across your enterprise.

Whether your systems and data are natively sourced from custom, third party or hosted solutions, the opportunity for a decision support system is critical to your businesses success. Most, if not all, organizations have more than one system in their enterprise.

  • Integration
    • Leveraging technology services and methodology to combine one or more data source with another.  Consolidated data lends itself well to more efficient means of reviewing data, not only in the form of manual reporting, but automation and processing as well.
  • Reporting
    • Reports are a necessity in any organization.  They exist in many different forms and provide many different results.
  • Analytics
    • Review your data through visualization, interpretation and modeling to develop insights and trends within your data.

Data integration is the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information. A complete data integration solution delivers trusted data from a variety of sources.

Project Management

Leveraging industry experience and Project Management Institute‘s methodologies, Praevis is well positioned to ensure your project is successful.  We work with our customers and develop a program or project that is balanced between formality and flexibility while not sacrificing quality.  Taking into considerations of your constraints (budget, resources, schedule), we provide PMP certified staff to understand your needs & goals in developing a tailored plan.

  • Full cycle Project Management
    • Complete initiate to close project management.
  • Change Management
    • Develop and implement effective change management processes.
  • Agile Transformation
    • Develop agile based processes that implement continuous change in the organization.


Whether a new business in need of a personality or an existing organization looking for a fresh new look, Praevis can assist with your branding needs.  Creating a lasting image is critical success factor in any organization.

  • Logo
    • Design and develop your logo based on your story, image, personal preference.
  • Web Presence
    • Develop your online website, portal or information center.
  • Paper Products
    • Design complimentary branding items such as business cards, letter head, and document templates.